• CUSTOM DESIGN a Corporate Health Program

  • Does your organisation have a vision to invest in corporate health aka the wellbeing of your employees?

    What you want is a workforce that is strong, happy and productive with energy, motivation and dedication for peak performance… but it needs to start at the top?

    Health is one of the most important factors in all of our lives, without it, we are limited.

    Your answer to your employees lack of enthusiasm, presenteeism, low productivity levels and engagement IS to implement a corporate health program and care about your employees.

    A corporate health program is not about arranging fruit box deliveries and having health promotional flyers here and there. It’s about understanding your employee’s needs and wants and providing them the opportunity to invest in their health, whilst at work.

    A Healthy workplace practice is leading the way for business success. More and more organisations understand the benefits of investing in corporate health and in their human capital to optimise for the best outcomes.

    Corporate Health and Wellness program, specifically tailored to your business and your employees needs, is not as hard as you think.

    I’ll show you how!

    I know what it takes, how it’s done, and can help you make it happen. You can go the long way – or talk to someone that’s done it, is doing it, is living it, and is willing to show you the fastest and most efficient way that is RIGHT for YOUR business.  It's not a one-size-fits-all program.

    Through support, education and commitment that a corporate health program has to offer, you and your employees can create amazing lives and an amazing business and I’m here to assist you in arriving at your desired outcomes.

    Don’t undermine your health and the health of your employees. Early intervention and prevention of sickness and disease can play a huge part in ensuring staff retention, a strong work ethic, commitment and a thriving business!

    It’s simple to get started!

    The Corporate Health Program design process will go like this:

    Step 1: Assess & Audit your organisation to establish your needs, requirements, identify health risk factors.

    Step 2: Tailor a solution and establish a Plan that’s right for your business based on your budget. It’s not a one size fits all solution.

    Step 3: Launch, deploy and implement program and work closely with the nominated Champions and leaders to ensure its success.

    Step 4: Review & Measure engagement levels, embed new ideas, create sustainable habits and healthy behaviour change.

    Step 5: Reap the cost savings and have a thriving healthy business!
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