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  • Hi, I'm Ireene a Health Advocate and international online Weight Loss & Health Coach servicing clients in my homeland Australia, United States and around the globe.  I'm also the Co-Founder of SUPERBODI.com, a qualified Personal Trainer and Corporate Health Consultant having been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years.  Ok, now I'm showing my age!  

    I get great satisfaction out of coaching busy professionals to get back into shape. For my Professional Bio scroll to the bottom but for an overview as to WHY I'm passionate about helping YOU, keep reading on .....

  • I'm guessing you've landed on my website because you're a busy professional, committed to your corporate job, working long hours and as a result - well, you've gained weight and let your health slip.

    Striking the right balance between your weight, health and wellbeing is something we are all too familiar until you know the "How".

    I'm not about being 100% perfect. I'm all about the 80/20 principal. 80% focusing on a healthy mindset, clean eating & moving the body which leaves 20% to enjoy the finer things in life like a vino, sweet treat and occasional indulgence.

    Now I believe you've landed on my page because the Universe has lead you to me because you're tired, exhausted and waking up with fog brain from sitting at a desk all day and you need the guidance and support to get back into shape.

    I want you to know you’re in the right place!

    How? Because I get it. I know what you’re up against juggling a busy work schedule, family life all whilst trying to make healthy choices and I'm here to tell you, it’s absolutely 100% within your reach and you maybe closer than you think.  Have you ever considered individual weight loss counselling to be a key pillar to your success?

    You see, in my 20’s & 30’s, I too was working in an unbalanced, unhealthy, completely batshit crazy office-based environment where it was all systems go go go and I barely had any time to take a breather let alone time to focus on my health.

    I knew it was all getting too much, the stress, anxiety, dizzy spells, bouts of depression, aching lower back, poor posture and spare tyre sitting around my waist from the sugar binges and don't even start me about the hips, but I had NO time to stop and do anything about it.

    And what about the fact that my belly was also tangled in a digestive mess.

    Until one day, I got a wake up call.

    I lost my best friend, Janie to cancer. She was only 27 years old.

    At that time I also injured my lower back as a result of ignoring niggling aches and pain from being desk-bound for long periods of time and I was hospitalised instantly and booked for surgery within a matter of days. After 18 months of post-surgery rehabilitation, I became pain-free.

    You see, the Universe basically forced me to stop my crazy batshit life!

    Forced me to take stock of what I was doing to my mind, my body and my life. I had no choice but to ponder what the heck was I doing to myself and I came to the distinction that:

    Without your health, you are limited.

    So no matter what ailments you may be experiencing in your body right now like;

    an aching lower back,
    poor posture from rounded shoulders,
    high blood pressure from stress

    and as a result you want to;

    lose weight and fat around your stomach,
    quit your sugar habit,
    eat cleaner meals,
    increase your fitness instead of running out of breath and
    strengthen your body so you feel fit and strong

    I don’t want you to wait and get the same wake-up call as I did.

    I want to show you how you can;

    Reset your mind for success
    Pay attention to your thoughts
    Listen to your body

    Use food and exercise as a catalyst
    Nuture self-care and
    Become your own best friend.

    You see, when I did all these things, my world changed.

    Fast forward, I'm the best Weight Loss & Health Coach in Australia and United States for busy professionals working a corporate life.  Being a certified Food Coach, Personal Trainer and Corporate Health Consultant, for over two decades I've been inspiring thousands and thousands of people to good health. I see how the community get fooled into all the BS the fast food and weight loss industry in Australia feeds them whilst they generate a whopping *$800 million in revenue every year.

    That's million with a 'M'!

    What about the fitness industry that prey on time-poor people like you with all their get fit quick, lose stomach fat fast, lose inches around your waist in a week kinda crap.

    Do you think they want you to reach your health goals? No way!

    They want you to fail. Otherwise, they'd be out of business.

    And what about the fast food places with multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns representing just one of the challenges you're up against when you're time poor and when it comes to taking control of your nutrition choices and weight management.

    This is why, it’s not your fault.

    I'm not being cynical here. C'mon lets face it. It's just the cold hard truth. I'm pretty well known for my honesty and that's what you're always going to get with me. I have a no-nonsense, no BS approach to losing weight and getting YOU back into shape. But between the conflicting information, misinformation and outright untruths and lies being told about fitness and weight loss well, where are you supposed to even start?

    Ugh! As if you weren't swamped enough at work as it is, and now you have to sort out your health!

    This is why I created my online Personal Weight Loss & Health Coaching business .

    Research tells me what busy professionals need and want is a personalised Weight Loss & Health Coach to help them devise a weight loss plan to get back into shape not some cheap and nasty weight loss program that has thousands involved and you get little if not no, personal attention at all. You're just doomed to fail.

    There is something in me that is uncomfortable to see people busting their toosh off at work but neglecting their health. Whom are they hurting? Themselves and their loved ones around them.

    I have genuine compassion for people who make sacrifices long and hard in their career to get somewhere in life yet to establish that career they're dismissive of what's truly important and that's their health. You then become overweight, tired, lethargic, moody, cranky and as a consequence not only affects you physically, but gets you down emotionally.

    It’s a domino affect and it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a BALANCE between work and life and I can show you how.

    I want for you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
    I want for you to feel lighter.
    I want for you to be able to walk up the stairs or a hill without getting out of breath.
    I want for you to feel confident, walk with your head held high and be able to smile at people when you walk down the street.

    So are you ready to get your 'ole body back and be that person you really want to be?

    Do you want to be PERSONALLY guided on how to lose weight the right way and how to get back into shape without it being difficult? To have someone honest, real, who’ll cut to the chase and be there by your side giving you the exact steps and tools you need to feel supported along the way?

    I mean think about it: we spend more than half our waking hours at work. And meaningful, exciting work enriches our life. And yet, far too many feel stuck, frustrated and stressed out working in a cubicle feeling their dream life is slipping through their fingers because they don't have the energy to make it happen.

    What if you could find that balance? What if you could lose weight, get back into shape and create a new way forward?

    I Can Get You From Where You Are Now, To Where You Want To Be.

    I know what it takes. I've done it and can show you how.

    I know that sometimes it can feel like your health and weight loss goals are impossibly far away. Trust me, they are not.

    You don't need another diet. You need a personalised weight management plan … with support!

    Maybe you want to lose 10 or 20kg. Maybe you want to feel better about the way you look in your work outfits, swimsuit, cocktail dress. Maybe you just want the energy to feel happy about life and get more done in your day.

    Whatever your health or weight loss goals, if you're struggling to reach them I know how frustrating that can be. But it doesn't have to be that way.

    Now although this page was meant to be about Me, it really is about You! Let me help you achieve your weight loss goals so you can create a new way forward, a new way of life.

    I know YOU CAN DO IT.

    You have to believe YOU CAN DO IT.

    Let's get you in the Mindset to successfully lose weight - I'll teach you how. Do not waste another minute agonising over an unhealthy and out of shape body. Let's get you started.


  • Professional Bio

  • Ireene Siniakis is a professionally trained Food, Weight Loss & Health Coach.  She has an absolute tonne of training under her belt, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindset Training, Life Coaching, Food Coaching and is a certified Personal Trainer, Level 1 Boxing Instructor and the founder of an online organic store called Organic by Choice (just to name a few!).

    The knowledge doesn't stop there.  Ireene is the Author the book The Healthy Executive and has over 25 years corporate experience in Leadership, Sales and Business Strategy roles and had a Personal Training business which she ran part-time for the last two decades alongside her corporate career working at Flight Centre Ltd as the Head of Corporate Health (Vic/Tas) responsible for the health and wellbeing of over 2000 employees.

    Having first studied personal development in her early 20s, Ireene brings together ALL this experience with her unwavering passion to make a difference in the world and is helping busy professionals globally to bust through their limiting beliefs around food, own their mindset and truly DOMINATE in whatever the hell they want!

    Ireene is a proud B1G1 Corporate Partner regularly giving and impacting lives around the World.