• Speaking & Workshops

  • Being a Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Health Advocate, I’m often approached for advice on tips for healthy living and the steps required to create an abundant life and I can custom design a presentation or workshop specific to your needs.

    You (and your co-workers) can learn, be inspired and take action into creating a healthy life and business.

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    Learn and discover practical ways to increase health and happiness into your life, into the lives of your employees and to the business. Inspirational seminars and keynotes on various topics are available, here are just a few:

    • Finding your Balance
    • Sustainable Health
    • Exhausted to Energised for Peak Performance
    • The Power of Wellbeing in the Workplace
    • 5 Steps to End the Weight Loss Struggle
  • BOOK a Workshop or Lunch 'n Learn

    These Health Workshops or Lunch 'n' Learns' encompass all areas of life featuring creating a healthy mindset first and foremost, then the body will follow.

    You (and your employees) will walk away with a personalised Wellness Action Plans gearing them up for peak performance. Employees will leave knowing their key values and have an in-depth understanding of their mindset habits, body functionality and walk away with easy step-by-step actions to implement right away - into their daily lives.

    With this interactive workshop, you’ll learn all aspects of healthy living such as: mindset, food, exercise & sleep and how they all interrelate. You’ll find out how to renew energy and bring your best shot to work. 

    This is an action-based goal setting, solution focused workshop program to ensure a healthy balance is achieved in all areas of life.

    * Workbooks provided.