You know how nice it feels to drive your car home after getting a tune up?

The oil is squeaky clean, the fluids have been topped off, windshield wipers have been changed,tyre pressure is at that perfect level, and it’s been washed inside and out?

Well, just like our cars need a tune up, a seasonal detox allows our bodies to become shiny and new again too.

It allows our body to reboot our metabolism, boost our immunity, clears the cobwebs from our minds, gives our skin a chance to glow, and allows us to lose weight effortlessly.

Are you afraid that it will be too hard or that maybe you aren’t worth it?

I know for a fact that you ARE worth it, because I know deep down you are just like me.

You want to be happy.

You want to feel energetic, vibrant and full of joy.

Do you remember what that feels like?

When detoxing your body you can be confident in the fact that you are worth losing excess weight and cleansing your system.

Detoxing doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.

I can be with you every step of the way supporting you, answering your questions and cheering you on, because I know you can do it.

Maybe a little fear comes up for you at the thought of not being able to eat your favorite foods.

Maybe you are concerned about giving up your daily coffee, chocolate, or evening cocktails perhaps?

Or maybe you are afraid I’m going to make you drink juice and smoothies all day?

Maybe you think that you will feel hungry or deprived?

No need to worry because I’ve created a 5 Step Weight Loss Program which includes a 14 day detox/cleanse and you can pick which level of detox adventure you want to go on.

Having all those scary feelings are natural, but you know what is not natural? Feeling like we have to constantly count calories, not eat any fat and go around in circles from one diet to the next.

Does the thought of doing that for the rest of your life sound just plain exhausting?  Yes.

Well there is no reason to be afraid when doing a detox because you will NOT feel deprived.  In my Membership Program we keep it simple and eat wholesome, nourishing foods.

The only thing you have to lose is some unwanted kilo’s, dark circles and puffiness under your eyes and the feeling of lethargy that has been dragging you down.

You will discover your blueprint for the foods that work for your unique body.

I have everything you will need: a step-by-step guide, mindset strategies, the recipes, a shopping list, meal planner templates and loads of additional handouts. I will be with you every step of the way with daily e-mail support and to cheer you on.

Check out all the details of the Membership Program HERE.