You say you want to lose weight/tone-up/get into shape/ look like you lift …but do you REALLY?

Humans are funny creatures.

We often say we want something with all our heart, yet when a little uncertainty arises…

We – whether consciously or unconsciously – decide that we cant or wont do what we MUST do in order to achieve the very thing we say we want so badly.

I remember years ago when I first entered a gym for the first time.

I was sh!@# scared.

I desperately wanted a good body and was aware of how much I had to learn in regards to methods and tactics on the best way to weight train, what to eat, how to meal prep etc etc

What I wasn’t aware of, was all the inner work – the psychological and emotional wounds and false beliefs that I’d had to uncover and heal in the process.

The false beliefs and emotional trauma that I was putting myself through – about my worthiness – about my body – will I ever be good enough – they were the real big monsters standing in the way of my success on all levels of my life.

In my late-20’s, when I finally challenged myself to honestly observe what I truly felt and thought on a daily basis, I was surprised at what I found…

I didn’t believe in myself

I didn’t believe I was capable of creating a healthy toned body

I didn’t believe I was worthy of being truly happy

I didn’t believe I had the strength to run my own online business

I remember the night.

I was living in the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, the night was mild, the air was warm and I had just finished work. 

My house mate wasn’t home as per usual since she had found the love of her life – so I was alone sitting by the end of the pool with my feet dipped in.

I was rolling a joint, pondering my life and thinking, why was it so hard for me to meet someone. 

Why was it so hard for me to have a great body. 

Why couldn’t have I been prettier.

My friends always seemed to have it all.

Money when they didn’t even work that often.

The hot guys.

The body they never had to work hard for…

It was just handed to them on a silver platter.

That night, I saw the truth once and for all.

I realized that if I continued to live from a place of fear, doubt, scarcity, hopelessness …. the poor me pitty-party.

I’d never grow into the person I wanted to be. 

I’d never create the body I always craved.

I’d never run an online business that I yearned to have.

So from that day forward, I made the conscious choice to:

Believe in myself wholeheartedly

Believe I was capable and worthy of anything I wanted

Willingly and humbly be raw and vulnerable with myself on what had to change

Willingly face my fears, own my worth and set my values

When I chose to come from a place in my heart instead of my ego…  

When I chose to have faith in the universe and trust in the process …

I turned my body and life around to play by my rules.

It’s all mindset.

So, I ask you, do you REALLY want to lose weight/get in shape/ tone up/look like you lift?

It takes real work.

Or, do you just “kinda sorta” want it?