As a Weight Loss Coach who helps people lose weight and improve fitness by changing their habits and behaviors, I’d like to take a closer look at the subject of: Attitude.

After all, it’s attitude that determines whether you drag yourself off the couch and out the door for an invigorating walk, or spend the afternoon watching TV.

Whether it’s to enhance your life, or save your life, to a very large degree, it is attitude & grit that determines where you end up.

It’s all about living!

Most of us understand the reasons for our poor physical fitness and the answer to losing weight. We have read volumes on diet and exercise, but it is our attitude that prevents us from doing what needs to be done.

One way to develop a powerfully positive attitude, even if you don’t feel that way, is to behave as if you do.

It’s not faking it until you make it, it’s developing a new discipline within your brain.

To that end, planning your actions and anticipating setbacks, in advance, is essential. Understand, it’s all part of the process.

Here are 5 Tips to Develop a Positive Attitude:

1. Schedule workouts on your calendar. I’ve been doing it for over 27 years – it works! Making an important appointment with yourself, in writing, carries more weight than just the vague intention to do something.

Either schedule for first thing in the morning because research shows that people who exercise before the business day begins are most likely to stick with it and don’t allow excuses to kick in OR a time that is realistically going to work for you (without any distractions).

2. A little bit of something is better than nothing. Regardless of how short you are on time or how blah you’re feeling, commit to just five or ten minutes. Every little bit helps and almost always, once you get going, your energy picks up and you have a great workout. It all adds up, so don’t let shorts periods of exercise appear as if they are not counted.

3. Be flexible. A change of plans is not an excuse to do nothing. If you usually exercise in the gym, and you’re out of town, go for a brisk walk, jog, a local boxing class or book a hotel with a gym. Honor your commitment to your exercise appointment.

4. When possible, join your spouse, friend or a workout partner. It’s a lot less easy to cop out if someone else is depending on you. Ensure this person is on the same level as you meaning, they too are dedicated for success.

5. Or go alone but listen to an inspirational Podcast or Personal Development Youtube video on how to create a successful Mindset – this is the best way to put a spring in your step!

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