Right Now!

As a health professional, I get approached daily, mostly by women about their health concerns.

Whether it is to lose weight, get more energy, shape their body or how to improve their diet.

Whatever the reason, it always seems to be when the issue is a bigger problem.

Which begs the question.

Why do we wait until something goes wrong before we invest in our health?

Life is busy.

Hectic in fact.

And it seems with technology and social media, every spare second we get we are either checking our emails or our facebook or linkedin page.

Why is that?

Why is it that we are so concerned about other people’s lives and we don’t take the time to be concerned about our own.

Is it because we are seeking answers?

Is it because we are searching for clues that could potentially impact our own lives?

Either way, perhaps you’re running away from your own issues.

So how do you take an interest in your own life and your health?

The answer.

Identify your Core Values.

What are they?

Your core values are your internal navigation system.

They guide you and lead you.

They are at the core of how you choose and what you decide.

How you behave and how you act.

They describe who you are; they are unspoken rules and regulations, terms and conditions by which you are living by.

There are some key questions to ask yourself to identify what is important to you.
Once you get clarity on this, your mindset shifts and your choices on how you spend your time changes…for the better.

Not only that, once you’ve truly got this down pat, your self-respect and your self-worth magnifies which inspires you to take care of your own health and how you choose to live your life.

Here is one key question to ask yourself to start the process:

How do I fill my personal space?

Think about your home or work.

The things that are not important to you, are either stored away in cupboards or out of your view.

The things that are important to you are kept where you can see them.

What does your life demonstrate through your space?

When you look around your home or office, do you see family photos, trophies, awards, books?

Perhaps your space is filled with dvd’s, cd’s or other forms of entertainment.

What topics are they?

Whatever you see around you is a very strong clue as to what you value most.

What 3 things fill your space?

To find out more about how to identify your Core Values, schedule a time to chat so I can help you explore them further – it’s complimentary!