IREENE has helped change the lives of literally hundreds of real, every day, normal people from all over the world and has an incredibly high success rate with everyone that she works with.  Ireene specialises in getting her clients incredible results due to how effective, thought out and easy to follow her 16 Week Body Transformation programs are. Ireene gives you her word that if you follow her program correctly, you commit to your training and you follow the step-by-step process in your program you will see incredible results just like so many of her clients have been able to do.

Before I first called Ireene I was a little apprehensive and I played a few scenarios in my head – what should I expect? Was this for me?  But from that very first call Ireene’s down to earth approach made me instantly comfortable. Ireene’s genuine enthusiasm and desire to see me succeed – as well as her total belief in me that I will – really encouraged me along the way. What I have liked most about working with Ireene is that she has always tailored her approach based on what will work for me – whether that is mindset, exercise or food. Not once have I felt she has applied a “one size fits all”. I have found the one to one support incredibly helpful to keep me on track. *I have lost approximately 7kg with Ireene’s support and while there is more still to lose, I don’t feel daunted by it at all and that’s hugely due to the work Ireene has done with me. Thanks Ireene!!


Community Services Manager

I’ve lost 7kg so far this winter. I’ve got more energy and I know for a fact if I didn’t join this program, I couldn’t have done it on my own. I had been trying to lose weight for 10 years! Ireene’s holistic approach to weight loss and the tools, techniques & confidence she has given me, I know will last a lifetime.


Social Worker

I was struggling with undeniably liking my body.  Now I adore and tenderly care for her.  My body needed to be more awakened while my mind to be focused on the possibilities of success.   Working with Ireene from the get go has been like having the older sister who loves you, believes in you and wants nothing but the best for you.

A guardian Angel by your side.

I have learned so much about food, nutrition and the importance of snacking. I have incorporated daily walking into my schedule, weight training and feel strong in both mind and body.

I made the decision to work with Ireene because it was an opportunity to have someone by my side as a coach and open to my lifestyle of lots of raw foods.  I have always struggled my entire life from about age 6 with being overweight.

Ireene has become like a good friend, she’s compassionate and I’m always delighted with our connection.   She has indeed been by my side always reminding me of my humaness.   She has a good sense of humor, understands my lifestyle and intentions.   She fine tunes each time we connect in sharing her wisdom and kindness.

My challenges about making good choices is always met with love, guidance and encouragement with phrases like ‘what’s one thing you know, you can do better this week that is achievable?’   She 100% believes in me.

I am now regularly weight training and I’ve notice my increased strength and body tone.   I am more gentle and kind with myself and do not spin out far when there is self sabotage.   I am committed to more mindful eating and chewing and I’ve also now created a new Mindset around food, weight loss and exercise.

I always felt respected, honored and admired by Ireene and are so grateful in working with her model and I have pushed myself to be open to suggested protocols.


Intimacy Coach

I started working with Ireene a few months after the birth of our daughter. I was about 12 kilos heavier than where I wanted to be, but the main thing was I just wanted more energy.  I wasn’t eating well, and despite knowing what I ‘should’ be doing, it just all felt too much work with everything else that I had going on.

Ireene helped me to achieve my goals by just making it all very effortless.  There were subtle tweaks that I was making to my diet, subtle shifts in my thinking, subtle changes in the way I approached meal planning, and yes it was possible to fit exercise into my day.  Her program was comprehensive, but at no stage did I feel overwhelmed or that it was just too hard.  A lot of what I have learned have now become habits, which is why it is 1. Effortless, and 2. Engrained.

The biggest benefits have been consistency in my energy levels, greater self awareness and self belief, fitting in my old clothes again (yay) and permanency with my healthy eating attitude.

I think I’ve always known I can achieve anything I put my mind too and this program has just reminded me of my own inner power that is always available to me if I just take the time to listen..

Ireene is awesome.  She has unbending belief that you will reach your goals, even when you yourself might be disbelieving you can.  She has an incredible range of knowledge that she can draw from to keep you engaged, keep you believing and keep you getting closer to your goals.. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, you are pretty much guaranteed of success if you team up with Ireene.


Brand Manager