Vitamin, Minerals and Antioxidants have many functions in the body and your body needs a small amount of each everyday to perform at its peak.

Supplements can especially be useful in some cases if your diet is inadequate and you are not reaching your daily recommended amount of nutrients. If your feel your diet is varied and you’re consuming lots of colourful fruits and vegetables then maybe you are receiving enough of each vitamin and mineral that your body requires

However, I find in this day and age, living a hectic lifestyle and the pressures of juggling work/family commitments, most people are not eating as clean as they would have hoped so I recommend taking a daily multivitamin supplement.

Especially, leading into the winter months, working in a corporate environment sitting within close proximity to other fellow co-workers is a great a time for a vitamin and mineral boost to ensure your immune system is in check.

Besides, what your body doesn’t absorb, you’ll excrete.

Some days it maybe a case of expensive wee but either way wouldn’t you rather be over-protecting your body than the opposite?

For most people, no side effects will be occur when taking a multivitamin supplement but from personal experience I would suggest taking a daily multivitamin in the morning with food as some can make you feel nauseous if taken on an empty stomach.

*Always take recommended amount suggested on the pack as large doses can be toxic and if you are on medication of any kind, its essential to check with your doctor to ensure there are no adverse effects.

Things to consider before supplementing:

– Do you eat min 5 serves of vegetables per day (incl a mix of 3 colours)?
– Do you eat the occasional serve of legumes?
– Do you eat min 2 pieces of fruit per day?
– Do you consume a serve of nuts each day?
– Do you consume a mix of lean meats and/or plant proteins with most of your meals?

If you are doing all of these things above then you probably don’t need a multi-vitamin supplement but you need to be consuming these foods each and every day.

Studies show less than 10% of adults fulfill the above criteria.

Without sounding like a broken record, you could consider increasing your fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean meats, milk and alternatives for the best source of vitamins and minerals as natural foods always provide the best nutrients and should always be chosen as best option.

Antioxidants protect the body from damage. Think about the free radicals transported throughout your body. Anti-oxidants bind these free radicals together and help excrete them from the body.

How can you boost your body’s antioxidants?

Drink black, green and white tea which are a great source of antioxidants called flavanoids which have been found to protect your heart and arteries. Eat dark leafy green vegetables and a daily dose of blueberries!

TIP: When performing vigorous physical activity, it maintains a higher level of antioxidants in your blood– just another reason why exercise is beneficial to your body!

So whether to supplement or not depends on your current lifestyle, diet habits, physical activity and is a personal preference. But, if you are not reaching the daily requirements of nutrients, lacking energy and/or are deficient in some areas – it may be time to visit your local Health Food store and speak to a Naturopath for expert advice on a good quality brand.

So tell me ….do you supplement with a multivitamin each day? What are your thoughts?